The Start of Kay’s Bubble

3816770796_b6e8cdf3c6The Start of Kay’s Bubble

A wise man once told me ‘don’t live the moment, create it’, and that is exactly what I have decided to attempt. I have always loved to write and find my true emotions and feelings come out a lot more clearly in the written word rather than verbally….one might say I’m a tad awkward at blurting out anything meaningful and often suffer from a bad case of verbal diarrhea. I have always been a very positive person and find humour in just about any experience I have. However, I’ve had one of the worst years ever and somehow for a while I had forgotten how to see the funny side of things, but I’m back, so prepare yourselves 😉 I woke up this morning feeling about as positive as a goldfish going for a shoe fitting at Clarkes . However a friend’s phone call changed my day and hopefully my mindset…so new day….new me. No more wallowing in the past, no more Ben and Jerry’s binges whilst watching Bridget Jones for the 20th time. Now is about that time to get a grip, wave the middle finger to my past fails and scoot forward into the new. The vision of the new me is quite exciting in my head. Whether or not I achieve the goals I set for myself is another story. However, I’m on the right track! So plans for a hopefully more positive me are as follows:

1. Be more healthy….ie make no excuses and get myself moving again. Whether I like it or not exercise is something I need to introduce back into my life. Eating properly is another must and no longer are the days where my idea of being on a diet is blowing the sugar off a doughnut 😉 So from tomorrow my fridge gets a make over.

2. Expose myself to the positive……be it people who make me happy and feel wanted, making my house a bit more me, being out and about in nature, going for walks by the sea or in the countryside, reading the books that nourish me rather than encourage negativity and of course appreciating that I am one of the luckiest women in the world having two beautiful,supportive daughters.

3. Accept myself with all my imperfections…..I’m irritating, I worry about everything to the point of if the grocer doesn’t reply to my good mornings I think he either hates me, I owe him money or I’ve run over his cat * looks for stains on the road*.I’m dramatic, over sensitive, a bit tragic at times and over protective of my loved ones.However looking from a positive angle and being as this heading is accept my imperfections…I may be all these things but I’m also a hard worker, a good mum (I hope), a loving daughter, a friend, I’m passionate about things I believe in, focused most of the time and a sarcastic cow ( which often works in my favour funnily enough ). So my point being I’m not perfect, never will be and that’s OK…my imperfections make me who I am (weird yet lovable) 😉

So the fact that I decided to start a blog is very daring on my part…..mostly because I’m about as computer savvy and technical as an old granny who tries to contact her daughter by dialling her TV remote (seen it)…. Anyways wish me luck and I look forward to writing down and sharing any thoughts, experiences and darn right senseless quotes here in an attempt to rekindle my love of writing…good night 😉


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